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Brunswick County Fire & Rescue
The Brunswick County Fire and EMS system is a combination system of dedicated career and volunteer members. The system includes five fire companies, two EMS agencies, and two fire and EMS companies who work collectively to serve the 18,419 residents of Brunswick County, Virginia.

The career / volunteer system covers 579 square miles which includes interstate 85, Highway One, Highway 46, and Highway 58. Also included are two colleges, one private school, one senior high school, one middle school, two elementary schools, and an industrial park. The towns of Alberta, Brodnax, and Lawrenceville are also served by the fire and EMS agencies in Brunswick County.

During 2010, the predominately volunteer system responded to over 4,311 fire and EMS calls.
Volunteers are offered a variety of benefits from Brunswick County Fire and EMS agencies. These include: free or discounted training, free turnout gear and uniforms, Fireman or Squad Person of the Year Recognition, and the ability to use volunteer affiliation on college, job, and other applications. Volunteers also receive a free county decal for their service to Brunswick County.

In addition to these benefits, volunteers are challenged daily as they participate in fire and EMS activities. Volunteering is exciting, rewarding, and promotes personal growth. Many volunteers find themselves seeking careers in the fire/EMS profession, and training and experience gained as a volunteer makes individuals more marketable in the fire and EMS profession.
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